CURBZEE, Custom Curb House Address Numbers Stencil Single time use

Regular price $9.95

  • Personalized address stencil decal, with your address number sequence. One time use.

  • Ships same day.

  • Stencil Sizes include 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 12 inches tall numbers/ letters/ symbols (@,#,$,%,&), not logos.

  • High quality, peel & stick, thick, vinyl, die-cut stencils, molds to any surface.

  • Maximum six digits. Anything longer than six digits will be a considered a customized order and will require a custom invoice. Please message us if you will be needing a customized stencil and we will send the custom invoice out.

  • Includes two identical stencils (one as a backup).

  • Single time use only.

  • Made in The USA.

  • Great gift idea. Great and unique housewarming gift.