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A Salute to their Service | Veteran Memorial Packages

In remembrance of those forever in our hearts, we invite you to explore our extensive catalog of memorial offerings, including specialized tributes to honor our veterans. From versatile packages to meaningful add-ons, we provide a wide range of ways to honor and preserve your loved one's legacy.

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Edible Cake Prints

Veteran Stickers

Why Choose Our Memorial Signs?

  • Personalized Tributes that are crafted with care and honors your veteran and their service.
  • Elegant and Durable and offers a lasting tribute for your loved one. 


*All prices include the graphic design

Diamond Package:  $540

Includes 2 Image designs | Ideal of gatherings of up to 100
  • 1 large memorial portrait, 1 medium memorial portrait, 1 half sheet edible cake image, 100 pack stickers, 2 yard signs, 4 dozen magnets, 4 dozen 8x10 poster keepsakes

Platinum Package:  $350

Includes 2 Image designs | Ideal of gatherings of up to 50


  • 1 large memorial portrait, 1 medium memorial portrait, 1 quarter sheet edible cake image, 50 pack stickers, 1 yard sign, 1 dozen magnets, 1 dozen 8x10 poster keepsakes

Gold Package:  $175

Includes 1 Image design | Ideal of gatherings of up to 25

  • 1 large memorial portrait, 25 pack stickers

A la carte Add-on's to the Packages:  

  • Large Memorial Portrait  (24"x36"):  $100
  • Medium Memorial Portrait (18"x24"):  $75
  • Large Memorial Poster (24"x36"):  $40
  • Medium Memorial Poster (18x24"):  $25
  • Cake Edible Image Quarter Sheet:  $15
  • Cake Edible Image Half Sheet:  $30
  • Cake Edible Image Full Sheet:  $60
  • Memorial Stickers 25 Pack:  $10
  • Memorial Stickers 50 Pack:  $25
  • Memorial Stickers 100 Pack:  $40
  • Memorial Yard Sign - Single:  $30
  • Memorial Yard Sign - 2 Pack:  $50
  • Memorial Magnets 2x3" Dozen:  $24
  • 8x10 Memorial Poster Keepsakes Dozen:  $24

Place Your Order:

Our dedicated team is ready to assist you in placing your order and addressing any questions you may have, ensuring veterans' legacies are honored and remembered with respect. 

Share names, dates, and additional details to make it truly personal, including details specific to veteran service.

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Memories are eternal, and our offerings are designed to help you keep your loved one's memory alive, especially for our honored veterans. Create a lasting tribute today.